Gerrit Matthijnssens

Artist statement

Gerrit Matthijnssens

Born and raised in Zwijndrecht near Antwerp, Belgium.

Whilst studying classical Latin-Greek in secondary school, I grew fascinated by ancient art during art history classes. When visiting Antwerp, you could always find me in museums where I became passionate about modern art. 

Once I finished secondary school, I opted for an artistic education at the LUCA – School of Arts in Antwerp. Even during my professional career at a graphic design company, my love of art persisted, always looking for new discoveries in museums both in Belgium and abroad. 

When I moved to Deinze in 2013, I enrolled at the art academy “KADE visual (fine) art”. 

It was during a public presentation that a gallerist praised my work for its originality. 

Consequently, I decided to showcase my artwork in both solo and group exhibitions. 

In the meantime I also participated in artistic workshops in Ghent, organised by LUX Kunstwerk(t). 

My delicate drawings are an ode to dedicated craftsmanship. With only pencil and copper foil, I retreat for hours to my studio. Memories become visions; captivating travel experiences guide me in creating new worlds. In that deep concentration, culture and nature merge organically into a new and often surreal whole. Sacral geometry and romantic lyricism are closely intertwined in my work.

My drawings are also an ode to the beauty of transience. Looking at my work is like looking in a weathered mirror. As you see a fragmented reflection of yourself, I take you to a more mysterious and mythological dimension. Present and past meet at the zero point where a different kind of beauty arises. I invite you to stand still and contemplate. Slow art that seduces the beholder to look closely.

Gerrit Matthijnssens

Deinze, January 2020